Meet The Horses

Isaac & Joshua

Isaac and Joshua (the boys) Isaac is a 15yo Arab cross Joshua is a 14yo Irish draught cross they came to join us 5 years ago from working in London and are very experienced at their job they both have their own ways Isaac likes to sight see and looks around at everything when working Joshua is very concentrated on the job in hand he dose pull a face or two but watch out for your flowers as they are both partial to sweet smelling things and don't rustle a sweetie paper or they will both be in the church with you.


Libby is a 14yo welsh section d who stables with us and belongs to our very good friend Liz Landsman.  Liz bread Libby and Libby had done many ridden jobs for us she was one of the ridden horses used for the clan back in Edinburgh for the 1000 pipers and procession that saw the arrival of the millennium.


Duchess playing Sir Robert the Bruce’s Mount at Dunfermline Abbey. 

Duchess (for all duchesses admirers we would like to inform you that this old but elegant girl has come into retirement this year although through health rather than giving up.  If it was up to her she would still want to do all the jobs. 

Duchess has been with us from the start she was our first horse we used for weddings although one or two other companys laughed at us for using a coloured horse Duchess proved that she was THE DUCHESS and everyone loves her.  She will live her life out with us at the stables and have all the love and comfort she needs and a little bit more.

Jake & Rosie

Jake and Rosie have been with us just over 5 years now they are 9 & 10 year olds they are Clydesdale cross dales. 

Jake and Rosie have become very popular for weddings something a wee bit different from the traditional white horses.

They are elegant and have as some brides describe big feathery feet.

Jake & Rosie working for the Clan at Stirling Castle.

Jake & Rosie working for the Clan at Stirling Castle.